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Website Management and Maintenance South Africa

Website Management and Maintenance tasks can be handled seamlessly by PikPak Tech. We handle both daily and the more complex tasks including Website Optimization, Email Settings, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Security and Software Upgrades.

Website Management and Maintenance PikPak Tech

Why Do I Need Website Management?

Website Optimization is there for assisting you with the daily upgrading, updating and improvement of your website. This will ensure that your website is Search Engine Friendly and that it adheres to all the constant changing Search Engine Friendly Rules and Regulations. This allows your website to maintain or even go higher in its position in the google search rankings. Companies that do not maintain their websites, run the risk of being penalised by the various Search Engines. There are formats in place, for the design and development of your website, that keep your website running smoothly and that ensure your website ranks well. This is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We provide Website Management so you do not have to worry

We come across individuals and business owners who say they have a website, but they don’t have the time to learn how to manage it properly. As a result, they neglect upgrades, content updates and more, and their website suffers as a result.

We maintain all websites to keep your business in a good position. We upgrade and update all content and Website Services.

  • Website Security
  • Website Optimization
  • CMS Upgrades and Updates
  • Online Backup services
  • Restorations

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