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eCommerce Websites, Development and Marketing

PikPak Tech offers eCommerce Services, such as completely mobile responsive eCommerce Website Design and Development. We develop Online Stores that include Payment Gateways for Processing Credit Card Payments so that your products are always available online for customers to browse and purchase.

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 What is an eCommerce Website?

eCommerce Stores are often referred to as Online Shops or Online Stores and are all about convenience for the customer. Today's lifestyle is all for convenience and simplicity. What is more simplisitic than ordering all your products online,from the comfort of your own home and having it delivered straight to your door? No hassle. No fuss. No more standing around in shopping mall queues, feeling the frustration of finding parking or driving from store to store to find what you are looking for. Now it is all at your fingertips and it is WONDERFUL! The number of people looking to shop online is growing each year and it is rapidly becoming the future of shopping.

Almost 50% of all South African Shoppers who use a smartphone have used it to Shop Online. This just shows how important it is that your eCommerce Shop also needs to be fully responsive. This means that a customer should be able to open your e-Commerce Store on any device, be it Mobile or Desktop, and the website should change its layout, depending on the device, to suit the screen size and still function perfectly. Having your own e-Commerce Store reduces many financial hardships. You can operate from home, no longer needing to fork out exuberant amounts of your hard earned moeny on rent, water and electricity, salaries etc.


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Do I need eCommerce Services?

eCommerce Webstores sell while you sleep! So why wouldnt you want one? If you have a business and are looking to expand and grow, then we highly recommed an Online Webstore. Owning your own Online Shop allows you can make sales to a larger variety of customers and have a much larger service area, so your clients are now not limited. You also will no longer have the stress and expenses of a physical store like security, rent, lights etc. This ultimately means you can sell your products at a cheaper, more competitive price.

Why Choose PikPak Tech?

We have a excited team of developers that are experts in eCommerce Development. We posses all the skills to make sure your Web Store is fully mobile responsive and the eCommerce SEO skills to get your store to the top of the search results with Google. We can offer you all the necesary Graphic Design, Website Development, eCommerce Marketing and Social Media Management Services to make sure your eCommerce Store is successful. 

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Here are a few of our successful E-commerce Strores:


Adult Shop SA

adult shop sa pikpaktech website portfolio


paint 360 pikpaktech website portfolio

Spy Shop SA

spy shop sa pikpaktech website portfolio

We work closely with our clients on every project.