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Microsoft Visual Studio Development

For PikPak Tech, Software Development with Microsoft Visual Studio is the natural choice. With technologies such as SQL, SharePoint and Microsoft Access, we offer Customized Software Solutions to meet the needs of companies all throughout South Africa.

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Visual Studio, the Development Environment of choice for PikPak Tech

PikPak Tech and it's Development arm, SharePoint Systems, the use of the Visual Studio Development Environment is the preferred choice for the creation of robust, user friendly and efficient Custom Software.

Often, our involvement doesn't stop as just the Developers - we also get actively get engaged with the Systems Specification, fulfilling the role of Business Analyst and Solution Consultants for an all encompassing Software Development offering.

What is Visual Studio?

Heralded as Microsoft’s premiere Application Development suite, Visual Studio more than lives up to the claim. As a rich, Integrated Development Environment (or IDE) it is the de facto choice for Software Developers who want to create stunning applications for a multiplatform environment.

From a Software Development perspective, this means that regardless of preferred coding language (including C#, Visual Basic, C++, Java and more) an Application can be designed to interact with almost any platform.

To the End Users of software developed with Visual Studio, that means that code that is written for Windows can easily be ported to Linux, Android, OS X or even iOS – a feat that other Development Environments are hard pressed to match. Taking that in context, a skilled developer (like the ones from SharePoint Systems) can develop an application for multiple platforms in a fraction of the time it would take using another IDE.

Where do we use Visual Studio?

Visual Studio has been used to Applications including (but not limited to) the following :

  • Scalable, Enterprise Level Applications and Application Add-ons.
  • Fully ERP Integrated Applications – be it (SAP, AccPac, SysPro or any other similar system)
  • Mobile, Response and Web Enabled Applications Optimized for Web Delivery.
  • Cloud Hosted solutions and Cloud Collaboration solutions (coupled with Microsoft SharePoint)

Further, Microsoft ensures that Visual Studio is a well-supported and constantly improved platform – meaning that when technology changes and evolves, Software developed with Visual Studio can be easily upgraded to support the cutting edge. Take Microsoft HoloLens support for instance; which was implemented in Visual Studio many months before the actual devices hit the market.


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