VB .NET Programming - Visual Basic .NET

Visual Basic .NET is a high-level, multi-paradigm and object orientated programming language implemented on the Microsoft .NET Framework, to allow easier development of Web Service Applications. Launched in 2002 by Microsoft, VB .NET was designed to be a beginner friendly and easy-to-learn language, but also powerful enough to meet the needs of experienced programmers. The VB .NET language was created around Rapid Application Development and provides several tools to lessen development time.

VB .NET Project Development

VB.NET is the first fully Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) version of Visual Basic, and therefore, supports OOP notions such as abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism, and aggregation. Within VB.NET, everything is an object, including all the primitive variations such as short, integer, long, string, boolean, etc. and user-defined types, events, and even assemblies. All objects inherit from the base class Object.

VB .NET Coding Language

The Visual Basic .NET programming language has a syntax that is similar to English, which promotes the clarity and readability of Visual Basic .NET code. This means that meaningful words or phrases are used instead of abbreviations, acronyms, or special characters. Unneeded or extra syntax is generally allowed but not required.

Visual Basic .NET may either be a strongly or loosely typed language, allowing the trouble type checking to be left until a program is running. This is useful in situations where development speed is much more important than execution speed, falling under the basis of Rapid Application Development.

What makes VB .NET so popular:

  • A general yet modernized purpose.
  • It’s object oriented design.
  • Component oriented.
  • Beginner friendly.
  • Effectively built and structured language.
  • Allows for development of efficient programs.
  • Is able to be utilized on a variety of computer platforms.
  • A part of the .NET Framework.

Powerful Features of VB .NET Programming:

  • Use of Boolean Conditions
  • Automated Trash Collection
  • Standard Library
  • Assembly Versioning Tool
  • Properties and Events
  • Delegates and Events Management
  • Easy-to-use Generics
  • Indexers
  • Conditional Compilation
  • Simple Multithreading

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