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Data, Software and Application Integration

Software Integation is defined as combining and bringing together subroutines, software modules or full programs with other software components in order to develop an application or futher enhance an already existing one, as well as to ensure that all components and subsystems operate together as a system. In an IT point of view, Integration refers to the final result of a process of which the goal is to stitch together various, often different, subsystems so that the data held within each becomes part of a bigger, more comprehensive system that, ideally, quickly and easily shares data when needed. This often requires that companies construct a custom architecture or framework of applications to integrate new or existing hardware, software and other communications.

software development services pikpak tech

The Data Integration Services of PikPak Tech

PikPak Tech are leaders in Integration Services such as Application and Data Integration, the linking of Computing Systems and Software Applications physically or funtionally to act as a coordinated whole. We will be able to seemlessly and efficiently create and integrate any applications, software or components to buld you your own custom system.


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Some Software Services we offer:

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  • Visual Studio

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  • Document Management System Software

    Document Management System Software Crucial documents such as Contracts, Proposals, Agreements, Technical Papers and other content are vital to your
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  • Customer Relationship Management Software

    Customer Relationship Management Software PikPak Tech offers quality, reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with our Customer Relationship Software. CRM entails every
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