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Document Management System Software

Crucial documents such as Contracts, Proposals, Agreements, Technical Papers and other content are vital to your business’s success and still many companies are storing them all over the place, like on desktop computers, USB sticks and on abundant consumer file sharing sites. That’s why here at PikPak Tech we offer you Document Management Systems to ensure that your business’s documents are safe, secure and protected at all times. PikPak Tech provides security profiles that enforces the correct access control of your company’s important documents.

DMSS Logo PikPakTechHow Does Document Management Software Work?

Document Management Software creates a flawless system that allows you to have all the right information in the right place, at the right time. Let’s not forget that the faster the correct information is made available, the faster important decisions can be made, in turn leading to better, faster business progress.

Nowadays, information is already accessible in electronic form (e.g. Emails and Word Documents) and often in the traditional paper-form. Document Management Software implements a digital archiving system, it stores your business’s all important documents in a central archive, which makes them easily available for access to anyone of your employees via the Network. Everything, from the creation date to the type of document, stored tags and the entire text content, are stored in a database. When accessing your documents the document management software pulls them up from the archives at any time, based on the stored information.

Advantages of DMSS

  • Faster access to and transport of information – the workflow system of a document management system is able to supply corresponding groups within your company or externally with documents based on specific parameters such as the Category, Project Number and Name of the Client. A workflow should not be seen as fixed construct, semi-automatic and manual workflows are possible. All of them shorten the execution time of documents and make individual steps of procedure more transparent. On top of all of this it still allows access to documents even if one isn’t involved in the workflow.
  • Abundant Storage Space – Can store up to hundreds of thousands of documents, so space is never an issue. This allows you access to and endless, secure archive were ALL your company’s documents can be stored.
  • Improves customer service – Because of the time saving benefits and easy locating systems, DMSS helps you find information quicker and easier resulting in faster response time to your clients. 

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