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Custom Desktop Software

There are many instances where End Users require Custom Desktop Software to achieve a wide variety of tasks – especially if there is a specific need to Process Data in large volumes. While Microsoft Excel (albeit with adroit use of Macros) is able to achieve a lot, it often has functional limitations that leave many Data Capturers pulling their hair out.

customs desktop software

What makes the Custom Development of Desktop Software appealing is that a specific need can be realized in relatively short period of time. While off the shelf software might be attractive, it can often end up being too generic and completely miss the business case entirely.

By engaging with a seasoned Development Company like PikPak Techs's SharePoint Systems, one can have a Custom Applications or Apps Solution developed that addresses specific needs to the tee. Here’s some examples of instances where Custom Software Development may be required:

  • To Bridge Data from disparate systems seamlessly (We call this Data Integration)
  • To create a robust Ordering, Invoicing and Inventory Management System
  • To Forecast and produce Estimate Reports based on Data Patterns

By definition, Desktop Software implies that it runs on a Desktop Computer – like a Windows, Mac or Linux box. However, these systems are seldom single instance affairs and usually implement a wide variety of Software Solutions from Web Services to Cloud platform architecture calls, to deliver that special piece of functionality required by the End User.

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