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SharePoint Consultants & Consulting South Africa

PikPak Tech is an experienced SharePoint Consulting Servcies Company with established clients in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town and growing rapidly throughout the rest of South Africa!

Our approach as SharePoint Consultants is to research, plan, discuss, envisage, dream and implement the customised SharePoint Systems for our clients and their unique business needs.

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The Leading SharePoint Experts and SharePoint Consultants in South Africa

At PikPak Tech we understand the world of technology and how quickly it evolves. We simultaneously evolve with it on a daily basis and ensure our SharePoint Developers, SharePoint Designers and SharePoint Experts are constantly abreast of everything new within the vastly expanding world of SharePoint.

In return for your SharePoint investment, we ensure you get the most out of our SharePoint Services and your SharePoint System. We are constantly aware of any changes that could assist your company and streamline your business, giving your company a competitive advantage and unique edge.

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Office 365

Suscribing to Office 365 allows you access to all windows office applications (e.i Word; Excel; PowerPoint; Onenote; Outlook; Publisher & Access) AND other productivity services that are accessed via the internet aka Cloud Services. Office 365 for business plans include Skype for businesss conferencing and Exchange Onine hosted email plus Online storage with OneDrive for business. SharePoint Systems offers easy, reliable Office365 plans for your business.

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Why should I choose SharePoint?

The Benefits our SharePoint Services will provide for your Company:

Context around documents and folders

A traditional document storage facility is usually a folder on a server somewhere. The reason why SharePoint is more effective than the traditional method is because it brings context around the folder itself by tracking versions of the document. For example, in a traditional folder setup, you can’t have a running version history for each document or see any changes to the file name. Whereas with SharePoint, there’s more information provided about the file. It’s not just some file sitting in a folder; it’s an evolving piece of information that has a history as well as context.

Enable constant communication with all staff

In the past you might send a group email and copy everyone. The problem with that approach is a lot of information gets ignored or even lost, so some people might not get the information they need. For example, maybe you lost a company document and you missed an important discussion. Or maybe you did read it but afterwards it was very difficult to find and reference that information. SharePoint brings collaboration to the table so that all staff can see the important information and communication accordingly.

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Store all information in a central location

This can range from things such as updates from the CEO to important meetings or events. SharePoint brings all the information to one internal place so staff can quickly find the information they need. Other use cases might be general warnings about particular customers or even incidents that everyone needs to be aware of. With SharePoint, simply post the message and everyone can access it from there. Forget email or announcement boards; simply post it on SharePoint.

Encourage collaboration

SharePoint is really designed around getting the organisation into a central point where they can collaborate. This is particularly important for organisations that are not geographically connected. With some branches working in a very isolated format, SharePoint provides staff with the ability to connect with each other via a portal. Where in the past some staff might only interact with the company during a company meeting, SharePoint brings those people together so everyone can work together, all the time. Collaboration fosters innovation and builds a company culture that spawns creative ideas. View Source

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What is SharePoint Exactly?

Watch the following video to understand more about Sharepoint & Office 365... If you need more convincing contact us

We work closely with our clients on every project.
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