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In today's new age technology with, all the new applications that are offered, there is a call for innovative and adaptable thinking regarding your Network architechture. PikPak Tech offers Network Solutions and Services such as Network Design and Implementation, Server Based Computing, Application Training, Wireless Networks, Network Support and Remote Desktop Assistance. Our Network Solutions are both reliable and inexpensive. 

By taking control of your Network you will not only improve your network's performance but you may even lower data costs as well as having the piece of mind that we will always be the click of a button away to assit.

The benefit of Network Solution’s specific Web Hosting Service is that the plans are essentially a la carte. They offer the basic plan with the standard features, and from there you can customize your package to include marketing credits and an eCommerce option. Those mentioned add-ons are all attached to the Essential Hosting Plan. This service's most helpful asset is the versatility. If your audience and readership grow along with your business, Network Solutions allows you to upgrade plans at any time.


Do We Have Remote Support?

Our staff are skilled and trained to support your Businesses Networking errors.  We offer Live Online Remote Desktop Assistance which can save you time as we can assist with the problem right away from anywhere! We do also offer Door to Door Wireless Network Assistance if that is what you need.

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Our Networking Divison, Smart Network Solutions, offers a variety of networking services including those listed below. From Network Design to Remote Desktop Assistance and Wireless Network Installations we are here to help you.

  • Design

    Computer Network Design Services PikPak Tech is on hand to assist with the Designing, Planning, Implementation and Maintenance of a
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  • Hardware

    Computer Hardware, Services & Support at PikPak Tech If you’re on the hunt for Internal and External Computer and Network
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  • Wireless & ADSL

    Wireless Network Services and ADSL Line Installations PikPak Tech can look after all your Wireless Network Services and ADSL Lines
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We work closely with our clients on every project.