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Application Development, Design and Services

Mobile Apps that are multi-platform are PikPak Tech's preferred method of Application Development Services. Our App Development is composed of Personilized and tailor-made Apps that are made available in the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Windows Store and BlackBerry AppWorld.

Application Design and Development For Mobile Devices

A buzzword a few years back, Mobile Apps (otherwise knowns as Mobile Applications or simply Apps) have evolved into a staple of the modern age. Regardless of the Handheld or Smartphone used (whether BlackBerry, Windows, Android or Apple), users on the go opt for these Apps to take advantage of the mobility, ease-of-use that they readily provide and extensive App Design option.

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Application Services

In past iterations, complications such as screen size, hardware specifications and differing configurations made this sort of development difficult and tedious. But leveraging off solid Mobile Development IDEs (like Visual Studio, B4A and Eclipse) skilled developers (like our SharePoint Systems team) are able to deliver cross-platform Application Design and Solutions with great agility.

Because of the inherent nature of Mobile Apps, they can be cleverly designed to fit a wide variety of roles:

  • As components of a scaled Enterprise Solution
  • For Surveys, Questionnaires and other Data Gathering tasks (for varied Metrics)
  • They can be delivered as Synchronous (Online), Asynchronous (Offline) or a hybrid of the two for specification implementations – for example:
    •  Equipping a Sales Person or Sales Team with real time Customer Data to support their Sales Process.
    •  By providing Production or Logistics with up to the minute data on goods produced or fleet movements by leveraging of GPS, Bluetooth and other connective technologies.
    •  Managing Music, Pictures, Video and other media with Integration to Social Media Networks like FaceBook, Twitter and Google Plus.

The most exciting thing about the technology however, is that due to the portability and ease of access that Mobile Apps enjoy, the development of said Apps is only constrained by what can be imagined. New Apps are being developed and released on a daily basis and are available through the Google Play Store, Apple App Store & Windows Store making proliferation of Apps a snap.

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