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IT Professionals Are The Unsung Heroes of The Workplace

Most IT Professionals put their work before family commitments as well as their own health!

According to a study done by AlienVault, it has come to light that the IT professionals are the unsung heroes of the workplace. They tend to put their work before family commitments and take the blame when things go wrong.

"​Almost two-thirds of those in IT have missed a wedding, funeral or similarly important family occasion to resolve a work issue, while the vast majority (91%) have come into work when sick to ensure a project does not fail." Over half (57%) have taken the blame for another department or person's failure for the good of the organisation. "When it comes to their own careers, most will set aside personal ambition for the good of their organisation as a whole, with a majority of respondents (57%) saying that they have taken the blame for another department or employee's failure for the benefit of the company."

According to the survey, not only do IT professionals sacrifice their family commitments but their health is another thing sacrificed. Most IT professionals work in isolation, meaning that the technical skills and responsibilities they have don't always go noticed by their bosses, which in turn means that many go without supervision or training which often leads to an increase in stress.

Yet despite all of these issues faced by IT professionals, many still love their jobs, with 36% reporting that they are happy or very happy at work.

So the next time you call upon your IT deprtment to fix an issue, just remember that they probably have sacrificed a lot to keep your company running, so let them know you appreciate the work they do.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2019
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