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Custom Applications - Android, iOS and Windows Apps

Mobile Apps are the lifeblood of the Smartphone – especially so for Custom Apps. Typically, companies who want a specific aspect of functionality developed tend to lean towards a Desktop Solution; but there are those that properly spec their projects and at the very least, aim to include support for Mobile Integration (with some of them even opting for full Mobile Custom Development across multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Blackberry).

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PikPak Tech Custom App Development and Design

The Multi-platform Development gambit is especially important so the purveyor of the Mobile Application is not locked into a specific technology sphere. If you heed the advice of SharePoint Systems, you’ll want to develop with a Cross Platform mind-set from the get go, regardless of whether your App has a wide audience appeal or is more suited for use within your organization, this is where PikPak Tech's Custom App Developers come in.

Custom Apps can be developed for a wide variety of applications:

  • Image Manipulation, editing and overlay (think Photos and Video media)
  • Handling of normally written documents as electronic documents (as well as the Document Archival and associated Document Repository aspects that go with it)
  • Which leads into online Document Approval processes
  • And pretty much a full Mobile Office environment

So whether it’s an Internal App or a scalable Web App that’s meant to be available through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, embracing Custom Application Development for Multiple Platforms is the clearly the smartest choice.

PikPak Tech is the company you should to choose if you are looking to gain a competitive advantage. We specialize in the development of Customized Apps which could be an avenue that you may want or need to explore. Our Customized Apps can be designed specifically to suit your needs, whether it be a Custom Mobile Application or a Custom Desktop Application.  This ensures that you are never too far away from your customers.

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